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Hello! Queer Agenda is in summer mode 🌊 —that is, A.L. has not been writing as regularly. Below are some tidbits collaged together through the past few weeks. Hope you’ve been enjoying the season!

The Queer Agenda June Meetup happened on Thursday, June 24, 2021 (yep, it’s been a minute!!). Huge thanks to folks who were able to make it! The main topic of discussion was why there are so few “queer design icons” in people’s minds, as evidenced by responses to the Queeries 1 survey (links go to Instagram). What is a design “icon,” anyway? And what exactly is “queer design”?

And why does this matter???

Being able to name the things that we identify with isn’t just to differentiate ourselves from other people—it’s to know ourselves, deeply and intimately, and to be able to be in relationship with others in an authentic way. If we don’t know ourselves, we become the projections of other people’s visions and our choices aren’t ours. To set the boundaries of your identity is to define and invite the connections that you seek.

At the end of the call, the discussion turned to meeting up in person, someday when the risks are lower and when folks feel comfortable. Wouldn’t it be awesome to discuss together in a park or over drinks or sprawled out on a huge couch or in a pool or anywhere that isn’t in front of a computer? Where would you want to meet up? Sound off in the comments! 🌊🌊🌊

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🌊 July on Queeries

There are 122 of you reading this newsletter. Each of you have unique life experiences that make you experts in queer design. To help provide some clarity to the question, “What does queer design mean to you?” some of your responses were shared on the Queeries Instagram this past month! See below for the entire month’s post in all its glory :::::::::::

If you haven’t already, it’s not too late to add your voice into the mix with the Queeries 1 survey. It’ll likely be open until the fall :)))))))

In the second half of 2021…

🌊 Help build out the directory of queer-in-design groups and resources ::::: check out the Resources on the Queeries website and let me know what’s missing with this form!!!! I know there are way more queer orgs out there.

🌊 Coming soon———Queer architecture & design events submission form ::::: so you can make 100% sure they get posted in the newsletter.

🌊 Are you a licensed architect, or in the process of achieving licensure?

I’m part of NCARB’s Re-Think Tank this year—a group of recently-licensed architects who are working together to re-think the process of achieving licensure. In order to be an effective advocate, I want to hear your stories and experiences—whether you’re just starting AREs, you’re not sure if you want to go through the process, or if you have a license already. Fill out the survey—or request a meeting with me!—here ::::::: https://bit.ly/rethinktank-alh

🌊 Queeries in the news: Queeries Is Documenting the Experiences of LGBTQIA+ Architects and Designers

By Leilah Stone for Metropolis Mag! Spread the news far and wide ~~~

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