6/1 Queer Agenda: Pride Month edition / Queeries Event 2 planning

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Hello and Happy Pride Month!

Queeries.xyz now has RESOURCES! So far we’ve got a very short list of: Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Organizations; Virtual Groups; AIA-affiliated Organizations; University-affiliated Organizations; Reading Material; and Podcast Episodes. This is a place to share what’s gotten us connected in the profession, but also a running list of queer content that has to do with architecture. If you know about a resource that’s not listed, comment / email / DM and I will add it :)

Also——Queeries 1 results are up on the website! For those wondering, it took a lil <iframe> action. The survey’s up to 83 results. Please share the Queeries 1 survey with your fellow queer architects and designers. Here’s the easy link: https://bit.ly/queeries-1. The goal is to 100 responses by the end of June!!

Get ready for the JUNE MEETUP! It’ll be sometime between June 14th to June 26th, on Zoom so folks from all over the country can join. We’ll be thinking together about queer icons and intersectionality, and any other queer things in our lives. Please use this when2meet to note when you are available for a 60-minute call!

A warm welcome to NEW SUBSCRIBERS!! If you’re new here, don’t worry, you can catch up on past newsletters here. More importantly, introduce yourself in the comments on the first post!

Who is your queer design icon and why?

This month on Instagram, @queeries.xyz will be slow-dripping results to this question. Take a peek!

That question is from Queeries 1—if you haven’t yet, take the survey!


In honor of the up-and-running Resources page on queeries.xyz,

What are must-read queer books, websites, magazines, etc.? What are resources you’d recommend to your fellow queer architects and designers?

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Some queer events & news this week (and beyond) ::::



June 3rd, 10th, & 17th, free


PrideScapes is a research initiative that explores LGBTQ+ landscapes and seeks to clarify the crucial importance of preserving LGBTQ+ spaces, telling untold LGBTQ+ histories, and imagining new futures for culturally significant LGBTQ+ landscapes.

To kick off the initiative, OLIN Labs is hosting a virtual three-part panel series that coincides with Pride month and invites critical conversations between landscape architects, designers, urban planners, artists, and historic preservationists working on LGBTQ+ discourse and projects related to the increased representation and visibility of LGBTQ+ spaces in the built environment.

Discussion topics include Landscapes & Pandemics: The Inequities of AIDS & COVID-19, Preserving & Interpreting LGBTQ+ Landscapes: Making an Invisible History Visible, and LGBTQ+ Memorials: Design and Remembrance in the Landscape.

The PrideScapes Summer Speaker Series is free and open to the public!


"Queer Sites In Global Contexts" Virtual Reading Group


This Fall, the editors of Queer Sites in Global Contexts: Technologies, Spaces, and Otherness are extending an invitation to join a virtual reading group designed to support students interested in LGBTQ+ research. This is a free series aimed at complementing the discussions of sexuality, gender, race, and class, already taking place in seminar rooms around the world. The reading group is primarily aimed at PhD and Masters students, although advanced undergraduate students are also welcome.

Four live discussion sessions, lasting 75 minutes will be conducted in the Fall of 2021. Each session will be organized around a theme and focus on two chapters from the edited collection. Each chapter's author will join us for the discussion.

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