Queeries Semi-soft Launch!

No seriously, would you like to take a survey?

Queer Agenda presents Queeries, a survey of LGBTQIA+ architects and designers 


Queeries is an ongoing survey of LGBTQIA+ architects and designers, including students and practitioners, regarding their experiences of queerness in their personal lives, workplaces, and academic settings.

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Contact: A.L. Hu, contact.queeeries@gmail.com, or leave a comment below!

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A curated feed of feedback from the 20+ folks who have already taken the survey (the soft launch was in March):

THIS WAS GREAT AND AWESOME THANK YOU!!!!!! I think I accidentally hit enter too early which is why one of my answers was incomplete, whoops. Also this is the 'queer as in fuck you' song. not really my musical style but I vibe with the lyrics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JN4U577VQP4

Dear Queer, YOU ARE GREAT AND AWESOME TOO, thank you!!! And wow, what a song.

Ha, I love that you exist, it's people at the forefront of thinking that move the dial; just not a fan of the labeling and cornering.

Dear Queer, I love that you exist too, and thank you for taking the survey despite not being a fan of labels. All opinions/data points/points of view ought to be documented. Just so you know, I’m not a fan of labeling either—I consider labels to be a kind of shorthand that are susceptible to stereotyping, and, as you said, cornering. Hopefully the responses to Queeries illuminates that there are many ways to be queer in architecture and design, regardless of the identities with which you choose to perform or respond to the survey with.

I've been thinking about most of these topics already for the last few years, so that likely helped. I wonder if others may need definitions for "queering architecture" or perhaps it's meant to be a vague/ open-ended questions?

Dear Queer, that’s a great idea to do a Queering Architecture 101, but you hit the nail on the head—the survey is meant to be vague and open-ended—at least this one is! Discussions of the results will center themes/aspects of “queering architecture,” which will include background on what that actually means. Thank you for your feedback!

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