Queeries is an initiative that encompasses research, storytelling, community-building, and fun-having, for and by queers in spatial design. This newsletter is for announcements, documentation, thoughts, and musings.

Queeries is a design practice of queering norms in design through studio & education; questioning the role of the architect; architectural discourse & criticism; and exploring design interpretations rather than conforming to design standards.

Queeries takes the position that DEI discourse fails to address the material conditions of those who are included as part of diversity initiatives—especially when it’s spatial. Identities are political, not merely marketing or diversifying tools, because how one identifies and how one is perceived by others can affect design philosophies, processes, and outcomes.

Queeries is about asking questions more than finding answers.

Queeries began as Queer Agenda in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, as a monthly-ish newsletter to connect queer architects and designers. Since then, the newsletter has shape-shifted from organizing Zoom meetups, to aggregating queer design events, to sharing survey results, to reflecting on current events and their relevance to queer designers. The newsletter could not exist without the queer architecture + design community!

Queeries is written by A.L. Email them here: a.l.hu@queeries.xyz

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